75% of Freelancers Say They Earn More from Freelancing Than at a Full-Time Job

Ditching the 9-5 grind and starting something on your own can look draining, daunting, and demanding at first. But the rewards often outweigh your struggle. It is not only about satisfaction, working for yourself means more money as well. According to Upwork’s report, 75% of the freelancers earn equal or more than when they were […]

ANNA & Payoneer to enable international payments for SMBs and freelancers with AI

LinkedIn WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Print UK-based banking and admin app ANNA has collaborated with digital payment platform Payoneer today. The partnership aims to facilitate international payments for ANNA’s customers including small businesses and freelancers and allow them to receive payments in USD or EUR directly into their account. “Joining forces with Payoneer is a […]

Brabin: extend aid to creatives by six months | News

The government should extend Covid-19 related aid to creatives for the remainder of 2020 and allow TV producers to access R&D grants, according to Tracy Brabin. Speaking to freelancer lobbying group Viva La PD, the shadow culture minister raised concerns that the government will ignore TV sector lobbying for further support as it moves towards […]

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