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Well, it’s been an interesting time here at Dahlgren’s. With the snow and an increase in raw materials for panel and lumber products, we’re breaking records. Can I tell you when it’s going to change or top out? No. It’s way beyond what I ever thought it was going to be, and not only that, but certain items are very hard to get ahold of – pine, some of our finished woods – it’s just incredible.

In good news, our poultry business is going great and we’re bringing in pheasants, guineas, and quail in the next couple of weeks, and our ducks just came in! We’ll keep you posted on Facebook about when they arrive, so don’t forget to like and follow our page.

We’ve also got a variety of chicken coops in right now! A bunch of my suppliers went out of business or just don’t have the supply to stock us anymore, so we have a lot to choose from right now. They’re set up in front of the store for you to come look at them. You can get them pre-built or bring the box home and set them up yourself. And remember, we’ll deliver them – and for the coops, we’re offering free local delivery.

Regarding our propane business, we’re still manning our price of $1.99 a gallon, even though we’ve seen some substantial raises in our wholesale costs. But we’re sticking. We don’t want to make money; we want to keep our friends warm.


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